8 Top Psychology Schools In The United States

If you’re considering a career in the field of psychology, often times the first decision that needs to be made is which school you should attend to gain the needed knowledge. Across the country there are a number of schools that have well-established and respected psychology departments. The top psychology schools in the United States come in various forms, from large public universities, to exclusive, private schools. With the increased development of and reliance on the internet, many of the best psychology programs out there are offering courses online in order to eliminate geographical barriers and other roadblocks that prevent many some individuals from pursuing a degree.

While this list of far from inclusive of all of the great higher learning institutions out there, here are 8 of the top psychology schools in the United States that you should consider for your educational needs:

1. Yale University

Known all around the world as one of the most well-respected schools out there, Yale University is home to one of the most progressive psychology departments anywhere. Founded in 1701 in Connecticut, Yale has a long history of being an in-demand school, especially for those enrolling in the psychology program. While enrollment is well over 11,000, there are countless more applicants which are denied every semester.

Considered one of the best (and most expensive) options out there, if Yale is in your plans you need to ensure you’re preparing yourself for the rigorous entrance requirements well in advance.

2. Boston College

Few schools have grown the popularity of their psychology departments as much in recent years as Boston College. Founded as a private school in Massachusetts in 1863, Boston College has developed their psychology program into one of the highest ranked in the nation. When it comes to research, Boston College is also at the top of the list. According to US News & World Report, Boston College is the 8th best institution of higher learning for research in the United States.


Considered one of the best public universities in the United States, the University of California, Los Angeles is extremely popular for students who are considering pursuing a career in the psychology field. With a psychology department that has programs for a multitude of different specialties in the field, UCLA is often times viewed as one of the top psychology schools in the United States, especially on the west coast.

4. Colgate University

The human brain is a complex item to understand, and through the research at Colgate University, students are developing new methods for probing deeper and finding out more about the way our minds work than ever before. Located in New York, Colgate University was founded in 1819 and remains a small, highly in-demand school. Constantly ranking near the top of countless lists of the most desired universities, Colgate continues to keep the number of people enrolled at a management minimum – they currently only have around 3,000 students.

5. University Of Chicago

Another one of the top psychology schools in the United States is without a doubt the University of Chicago. Oftentimes ranking higher than its Ivy League competitors, the University of Chicago is a private university founded in Illinois in 1890. Its psychology department is known and respected around the world, and enrollment in the University stands at around 12,000. For students seeking degrees in the psychology field, the University of Chicago offers a number of undergraduate and doctoral degrees with focus on various areas of the science.

6. Walden University

As one of the youngest institutions on the list of top psychology schools in the United States, Walden University focuses on providing bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate degrees to its students. Founded in 1970, Walden University operates a network of campuses as well as online learning opportunities for those enrolled. Many of the school’s students are professionals who have already spent a significant amount of time in the workforce and are looking for an educational opportunity that allows them to improve themselves and their careers without interfering with the everyday life obligations that many adults face. With flexible schedules and a full range of online courses, Walden University is a great choice for anyone who wants to obtain a psychology degree but is not necessarily able to attend traditional classes.

7. Stanford University

Another well-respected school in California with a world-renowned psychology department is Stanford University. Founded in 1891 by former governor and senator of California, Leland Stanford, the school’s psychology program is consistently on nearly every top 10 list released. With an endowment of over $17 billion and an average enrollment of around 15,000 students, Stanford is without a doubt one of the best schools for research, especially in the field of psychology. Located in the heart of California’s Silicon Valley, the school was responsible for much of the areas growth and development following World War II.

8. Capella University

Located in Minnesota, Capella University is primarily an online university. While reception for this class of schools were not that great in the past, the public’s opinion towards online education continues to improve every day thanks to both a greater acceptance of and dependence on technology and the internet, as well as the increasing number of traditional universities that are offering online courses. As the youngest school on the list, Capella University was founded in 1993, but has since established itself as one of the top psychology schools in the United States. Offering degrees ranging from bachelor’s to PhD’s, Capella University has an enrollment of over 36,000 students with around 75% of them pursuing post-graduate degrees.

Finding the perfect school for you can depend greatly on which career path you choose to pursue after you graduate. There are countless areas of psychology and some universities may focus on their educational psychology expertise, while others are well-respected for their clinical psychology programs. No matter where you are in the country, there is bound to be a well-respected school not too far away. From UCLA and Stanford on the west coast, to Boston College and Colgate University on the other side of the nation, the options for individuals desiring an education in psychology are nearly unlimited.